GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Denmark

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About me and why I'm participating:

My name is Claus Heinrich, and today I work mainly with different kinds of web development projects, and have an interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I'm no wizard at this, but like to work with it and explore the possibilities in SEO.

While I have a keen interest in SEO, I have an education from the chemical industry and have worked in several laboratories in Denmark. Actually finalized my education at the National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark (DMU), with time in the Department of Atmospheric Environment (ATMI).

So the day came where SEO Championship 2007 released the keywords to be used. And what a pleasant surprise. Rank highest in all 3 major search engines for the term:
"GlobalWarming Awareness2007"

2 of my favourite subject in 1 :) - No way I could resist to give this a try!

Some future benefits because of this competition:

I think its is REALLY great they choose a keyword combination like this, as it will not only help find the great SEO experts in the World, but at the same time set focus / awareness on a major problem we got these days. GLOBAL WARMING !

I hope this webpage will contribute to set some attention to this subject, as something has to be done about it. We are the cause of overheating and we need to do an effort to reduce it.

This page will expand with more information on the subject, as I get the time to fill unique content in.