GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Denmark

Fossil Fuels

oil wellThe quick way to explain fossil fuel is to imagine decomposed animal and plant materials that have converted to coal, oil and natural gases through millions of years inside the earths crust.
The fact that it takes millions of years to form fossil fuels, it is a energy source that is called non-renewable (in a human timeline)

Fossil fuels have with the Industrial Revolution in the 19. Century been burnt of so quickly and is depleting so fast because it is an excellent, some say the best energy source we have. It has tremendous abilities.

Fossil fuel broken down:

coalCoal is a hard material formed into layers upon layers of decayed animal and plant parts, and then heated over inside the earths crust to gain the composition as we know it today.
Coal is widespread through the entire world, and it is easy to excavate it through underground mines.

Fuel oil is a liquid material, and originates from what we know as crude oil / petroleum through distillation.
The crude oil has developed through the decomposed remains of marine micro organisms on the sea floor. As coal, the oil took several millions of years to develop through small spaces underground trapped inside rocklike sediments.
The main product we got from crude oil is the fuel oil, that we all know used in cars, planes, rockets..
Depending on the refining process the crude oil delivers many distillates or residues that we see in our world today. Think of the roads, roofs, plastic. They all contain some degree of crude oils.

Natural gas usageNatural gas is formed much like the crude oil, trapped inside pockets underground. This kind of fossil fuel is the "cleanest" when burnt and released into the atmosphere. Often known natural gas is methane.

Problems today with fossil fuels:

2 major disadvantages of the fossil fuels today is the amount of it in our underground - we are facing a total depletion.
The other reason is the environmental problem that follows when you burn the fossil fuels and release the gases into the atmosphere. There are clear facts pointing at fossil fuel structures as sulphur and nitrogen are found in the pollutants that is being released into the air. Thereby contributing to the greenhouse gas, air pollution, water pollution.
The biggest sinner is said to be the carbon dioxide that we emit mainly by coal combustion. And yet today coal is the cheapest ways of energy on the market. Globalwarming awareness2007 is needed to find alternative energy sources to the same cost or cheaper.